Kim Kardashian in bikini

The dress code was at whatever party it is that Kim Kardashian is at with Michelle Trachtenberg and Emmy Rossum, but I believe she might be a bit underdressed. Not that I have any real problem with Kim Kardashian in a bikini, but it's about standards. And, you know, not flashing your tits all around town like some fame-hungry, attention-craving, desperate media whore.

Avril Lavigne bikini pictures

For those of you who might not recognize Avril Lavigne, she's the girl from the Camera commercials. She might have also been a singer a long time ago, but who can remember? Anyway, here are some Avril Lavigne bikini pictures that can probably put to rest those pervasive pregnancy rumours. Looks like she's had herself a couple extra cheeseburgers of late.

Carmen Electra in Bikini

Carmen Electra in Bikini 1

Carmen Electra in Bikini 2